Hey, this is Fox.





出没于 博客微博知乎TwitterGithub 等网站。

擅长 Photoshop、illustrator、前端、视频制作与剪辑,还在学 Python。

平时喜欢逛逛 V2EX、少数派这些网站,同时也是 少数派 的一位签约作者。

喜爱探索各类软件,熟悉 iOS、Android,对刷机、Root、越狱等均有研究。熟悉 Windows、macOS。对于科技、互联网有着长期的关注。

爱玩单机大作,Steam 库中上百款游戏(虽说有不少喜加一),支持正版。

是一位 Evernote 的重度使用者,有着时间管理和写日记的习惯,注重生活中的各种细节。


Self introduction

I am a student in college, an ordinary person.

I love technology and all kinds of new things.

Haunt blog, weibo, Zhihu, Twitter, Github and other sites.

Good at Photoshop, illustrator, video production and editing. And still learning Python,

Usually like to visit the V2EX and minority sites, and is also a contracting author of the Sspai.com.

I love to explore all kinds of software, familiar with iOS, Android, brush, Root, jailbreak and so on. Familiar with Windows, macOS.

For science and technology, the Internet has long been concerned about. My Steam library hundreds of games and I support genuine.

I am a serious user of Evernote, notice time management and diary habits, pay attention to the details of life.

I’m also an interesting person. :-)